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En Fosroc, reconocemos las contribuciones individuales de las personas a nuestro negocio y ofrecemos diversas oportunidades de desarrollo equitativas a todos los integrantes de nuestro equipo. Premiamos la contribución y adaptamos el desarrollo profesional para satisfacer las necesidades individuales.

Nuestros empleados son nuestra mayor fortaleza, sin un espectro de personas con talento no podemos continuar ofreciendo resultados excepcionales. Nuestro objetivo es atraer, contratar, desarrollar y retener a personas con talento para asegurar el futuro de nuestro negocio.

En 2017, la compañía Fosroc fue nombrada "Employer of Choice" por la Unión de estudiantes de la Universidad de Cambridge (CUSU) a través de su publicación Innovation 800. Por favor, haga clic aquí para más información.


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Our HR culture is built around development and progression, find out how we can help you grow

Fosroc can offer you a career, an opportunity to be part of a diverse and continually growing international company, located in over 18 countries across the globe providing constructive solutions to some of the most iconic buildings and structures in the world. 

Our people are our greatest strength, without a spectrum of talented people we cannot continue to deliver exceptional results. We aim to attract, hire, develop and retain talented people to ensure a continuous pipeline of talent to secure the future of our business.

Fosroc provides everyone with equal access to the resources required to build their career and to unlock their full potential.

Achieve success

Fosroc aims to recruit, develop and retain its people and provide an inclusive, supportive working environment for everyone from the most experienced executive to the newest graduate recruit.

Develop as an international leader

Ongoing success comes from our development programmes where we identify and guide the development of present and future managers in each region and throughout the world.

We aim to support our people in the best way we can throughout their career with us. We offer a diverse development approach to learning and development including a blended learning solution which incorporates online self-learning, on the job training, group learning and one to one coaching.  We support our people to enable them to develop their full potential in their existing and future roles at local, regional and global level. 


We recognise that each of our employees has their own unique skills and experience. This makes our company rich in diversity and creativity and helps us stay competitive, innovative and driven. We engage and retain our employees by fostering a positive working environment. We invest in employee training and development and ensure employees are appraised annually so that we understand employee aspirations and development needs.


Life at Fosroc

Review some of the success stories and testimonials of our staff at Fosroc.

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